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        Providing Professional Training For Dairy Cattle Hoof Trimmers, Farmers, Veterinarians, Farm Employees and Breeders in a comfortable classroom atmosphere. Proper Hoof care is a crucial component in Dairy Herd Management. At Midwestern Hoof Trimming School you will come away with a solid foundation and education in hoof care.   
        Providing extremely detailed functional trimming to dairys . Quality and comfort being the #1 priority to provide longevity and profitability to your herd.
        Providing assistance to dairies large and small in hoof health and proper hoof care techniques. I will work with you to ensure the very best hoof care is being provided to your herd whether you have a small farm needing improvements or a large farm needing management of your hoof care program. My hoof trimmer training can help you get on the right track.
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