Midwestern Hoof Care -
Aaron LaVoy
      Hello and thank you for visiting Midwestern Hoof Care.  I was born and raised in Monroe, Michigan. I served 4 years in the Navy as an Armorer in a naval construction battalion before moving to Wisconsin where I began my agricultural career working on a 1000 head custom heifer farm. On this farm quality and animal welfare was always the number one priority which helped me when I went on to start my own professional hoof trimming business in February of 2004. At this point I went through intensive schooling with hoof trimming pioneer, Mr.Bill Kopperud. The importance of quality functional trimming being the driving factor in my business paired with the "Attention to Detail" instilled in me by the military have been key components to me providing an excellent hoof care program to outstanding dairies for more than a decade. 
       My goal is to pass on the knowledge and values  I have been applying to the dairy industry for years and to improve the standard to which hoof care is applied to todays Dairies.