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    The 5 Day Hoof Trimmer Course is designed to instruct a person with a basic understanding of Dairy cows to be a Professional Hoof Trimmer. You will learn the Improved Dutch Method technique along with the anatomy of the hoof, the importance of each part, and its functions. This is a very detailed class with an emphasis on quality corrective hoof care. A strong work ethic paired with a complete understanding of the hoof will be a concrete foundation for your business as a Professional Hoof Trimmer. This course will be limited to 5 students per class.
The tuition for this course is $2,000

Why small class size is better?
  1. More 1 on 1 time per student.
  2. Classes become a community.
  3. More focus on learning
  4. More feedback.
  5. Ideas are shared.

Classes will be offered on the following dates
5 Day Hoof Trimming Technical Course

March 13-17

June 26-30

Nov 6-10

Jan/ Feb dates coming soon

   The 3 DayHoof Trimming Workshop is designed for on the farm personnel to have a very clear understanding of hoof care and hoof care economics. Students will lean how to properly trim and correct problems along with diagnosing hoof care issues. This class is not designed for professional hoof trimmers, it is geared toward farmers, herdsmen, and farm personnel to learn to deal with and prevent lameness. This course will be limited to 8 students per class.
3 Day Hoof Trimming Workshop
July 13,14,15
Sept 15-17
Additional dates to be announced
If these dates do not work for you we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Please contact us with any questions.
Thanks You.
Midwestern Hoof Care LLC.
Appleton Wisconsin
Classes will take place at Wichman Family Dairy, a state of the art family farm located in Freedom WI.