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The Appleton Steel Ultra Chute features many design improvements that make it 50% more efficient than the Comfort Chute. Designed by hoof trimmers with over 30 years of experience, see why it’s the choice of professional hoof trimmers around the world.

  • Rear come-along system moves the cow from the back to the front of the chute, adaptable to any size

  • Double rear leg lift

  • Hydraulic Accumulator: A piston style pump with an accumulator stores hydraulic pressure for quick movement for more control, facilitates loading and unloading the chute without a plug-in power source

  • Independent Belly Lift

  • Safety Tear Drops: Hydraulic high position tear drops protect the trimmer from the cow’s rear kicking legs while trimming front feet

  • 110 or 220 V Power plus 150-foot power cord and reel

  • Fabricated with high strength powder coated steel frames featuring a low center of gravity

  • Dolly wheel is provided for easy setup

  • Engineering for quick setup & tear down, usually completed in 5 to 10 minutes

  • Optional lightweight roof system with movable shades protects the trimmer from sun and rain

  • Torsion bar axle eliminating wheel misalignment with 15″ 10 ply tires

  • Three work position fans

  • 150 foot 10-gauge power cord

  • Six GFI protected outlets

  • Three 150 watt lights

  • All electrical wiring in conduit for safety

  • Seven-piece sectional valve

  • AM/FM Stereo

  • Large storage cabinets

  • Self-locking head catch with offset neck bars to eliminate radial nerve damage

  • Limited 1 year warranty

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