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A proper hoof care program is crucial to the success of today's modern dairy farm. The Midwestern Hoof Care Management Programis designed with the larger Dairies in mind.


  • Assessing Lameness in the herd

  • Assessing cow environment and habitat

  • Put a program in place ensuring the very best cow comfort and health

  • Training personnel how to properly trim and treat hoof issues

  • Meeting regularly to ensure the highest standards are being kept in place and reports given to Dairy Management. 


Once in-house trimmers are trained, Midwestern Hoof Care Management will follow up monthly to walk through the herd and assess Hoof Health and  Hoof Trimming procedures. Trimmers will be coached and supported to ensure the highest quality Hoof Care is being provided. With 5Lbs. of milk per cow totaling over $1,000,000 annually on a 3,500 cow dairy the cost of not having a precision hoof care program in place can be extremely costly.